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Home Buying Opportunities at The Preserve

Yes we have the first model finished and yes, we have 4 more models under construction to be finished shortly. You can visit the model homes to see what your home would look like. Of course you will have your own styles and color selections. As all of our streets and improvements are totally complete, you can also stroll through the areas of The Preserve and see exactly what your home site would look and feel like.

We have a variety of models for you to choose from and we have variations of each of the models, so you can design your dream home, and yes we have beautiful lots available. Don’t miss out on our stellar home buying opportunities here in Asheville, NC. You can get a million-dollar home for half the cost, and we’re ready to ensure you get the amenities and appliances you should expect in, on, and around a luxury residence. We deliver high-value homes at lower prices while maintaining outstanding quality in materials and construction. Tour a take in our neighborhood and see the fantastic opportunity for yourself.


Schedule a Tour to See Our Luxury Homes for Yourself