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The Story of The Preserve at Avery’s Creek

The Developer, Fred Spiegel, is an active pilot and an aviation enthusiast. About 10 years ago, a friend suggested Fred fly them to stay at his Asheville condominium. The day after they arrived, the friend ask Fred if he would if he would sit in on the homeowners’ meeting for the takeover from the developer. Because Fred had developed a number of condominiums, he was asked many questions about the operation of the condominium, which in turn revealed to him the unit owners were being overcharged and that the condominiums were poorly managed. After the meeting, Fred was asked if he would help and take over the management. This led to Fred moving to Asheville and managing the condominiums. After spending time in the mountains, he fell in love with the area and started getting more involved. He cleaned up the condominiums and made it run like a Swiss watch. All of his management staff are still operating the condominium.

Fred started to develop other properties in the area, and then someone brought him to what would become The Preserve at Avery’s Creek. “As I walked through the property, I fell in love, and knew I could build something beautiful and fun. It was a beautiful, pristine valley with hills, a stream, and the mountains as a backdrop—truly a heavenly sight.”

Fred undertook its development, initially approaching several engineers and land planners to help create the ideal design to fit the topography. He meticulously moved dirt and graded the elevations so they would suit the landscaping and perfectly cradle the stunning homes that would be built. After four long years, he’s completed the development and houses are going up. “I just broke ground on my own personal residence at the Preserve,” says Fred.


home exterior

Fred Spiegel, Developer

Fred has been building homes and other buildings for over 40 years, with his collection including anything that can be built. He’s a Type A personality, so it’s always a challenge for him to develop his properties perfectly. As a tough taskmaster—especially on himself, he takes great pride in the final buildings and developments that he creates. To make his developments as perfect as possible, he works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week whenever necessary. The Preserve at Avery’s Creek makes his heart jump whenever he passes through the 12-foot-tall stone entry, with its gold leaf signage and antique double-wick gas lantern at the front entrance. He has pledged to himself to build the most beautiful homes in the region at the best price. He’s been successful at providing home buyers a “blockbuster” deal at the Preserve, which includes giving more for less.

A Truly Idyllic Residential Opportunity

Fred is living the dream and loving it. He likes to make people happy, and by the look of things, his homes at the Preserve will sell out very quickly. He’s even broken ground on his own new home in the neighborhood, and he can’t wait to move in and become part of this magnificent mountain community. Don’t miss out on a golden chance to make a home here at the Preserve at Avery’s Creek. Schedule a tour today and view this charming building opportunity for yourself.

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